Ipko Institute

Ipko introduces targeted, innovative projects to transform local ICT opportunities and resources.

Ipko has a clear 3 year project cycle in which it seeks to develop and build a sustainable project, before handing over the project to an existing or newly formed entity to manage the project over a long term process.

IPKO Institute seeks with its partners and associates to create an environment in which all citizens participate freely on an equal playing field, in an open, transparent, connected, society.

IPKO Institute has developed and launched an ECDL online portal: the intention is to offer an accessible, open educational opportunity, providing strong, content driven training to a wide study pool.
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IPKO Institute
Gazmend Zajmi str. no.20 Aktash I, 10000 Prishtine, Kosova
Tel: +381 (0)38 244 263, Fax: +381 (0)38 244 264
E-Mail: info@ipkoinstitute.org, Web: www.ipkoinstitute.org