Ipko Institute

Founded in 1999, IPKO - IPKO.ORG - was the first Non-Governmental Organization operating in post-war Kosova to recognize the full value of ideas that can be drawn from creating a knowledge network through the use of Internet. From the outset, the intent was to create a local revenue generating Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that would inherit the project and continue its work in the Kosovar civil society well into the future.

After March 1st, 2000, control of the Project and ownership of its assets were transferred by IRC to an independent non-profit entity known as IPKO Satellite Dish IPKO started its mission with an Internet Connectivity Project. As part of this program, IPKO Institute provided completely free service to key local civil institutions including the University of Prishtina, hospital, library, schools, main cultural institutions as well as some of the local NGOs.

In mid 2000 IPKO established the IPKO Institute of Information Technology in Prishtina.

IPKO Institute
Gazmend Zajmi str. no.20 Aktash I, 10000 Prishtine, Kosova
Tel: +381 (0)38 244 263, Fax: +381 (0)38 244 264
E-Mail: info@ipkoinstitute.org, Web: www.ipkoinstitute.org